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How to Top Up Bigo Live

Tired of constantly searching for the best way to recharge your Bigo Live Wallet so that you can donate to your favorite creators? Go no further.

Recharging the balance on your Bigo Live account is very important for accessing multiple premium services and freebies. In this article, We’ll walk you through the easy stages of topping off your Bigo Live account.

What is Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is a platform that lets people broadcast and view videos in real time. 

The primary objective of Bigo Live is live streaming. Users can share their live moments with others through it. Numerous content categories are supported by the platform, including gaming, entertainment, lifestyle, and more.

Bigo Live is unique in that it places a strong emphasis on interactivity. Through interactive elements like Diamond Gifts and comments, viewers may communicate with presenters in real time. 

Users can send Diamonds to their preferred broadcasters via Bigo Live. You can exchange these virtual presents for “Beans” or other in-app money. 

Once users gift diamonds to creators and streamers, they can withdraw them in the form of real money. This is done by converting Diamonds into “Beans” and then exchanging beans for money.

The ability to convert these donations into actual money gives content providers a means to make money off of their live streams. This is how most of the streamers make a living on the Bigo Live App using their brand.

How to Do Bigo Diamond Recharge?

Searching for a cheap way to top off your Bigo Live account? U7BUY A variety of solutions are available on our website for varying budgets. Bid farewell to extravagant costs and hello to a more cost-effective method of enjoying Bigo Live’s premium features.

Using U7BUY for Bigo Diamond recharge your Bigo Live Diamonds is a simple procedure. To just top off your Bigo Live account, take these steps:

  1. Login or Register: Log in to your existing U7BUY account. If you don’t have one yet, take a moment to register and create your account. 
  2. Choose Diamond Value: Select the number of Diamonds you wish to purchase. U7BUY offers various options to cater to your preferences. There are multiple professional buyers as well who offer Diamonds at affordable prices.
  3. Enter Bigo Live User ID: Provide your Bigo Live user ID to ensure the Diamonds are correctly credited to your account. 
  4. Complete Payment: Use your credit card to finalize the payment. Once the transaction is complete, wait a few seconds and the purchased Diamonds will be promptly added to your Bigo Live account. 


To sum up, it’s simple to add more Bigo Live Diamonds on U7BUY: just sign in or register, select the Diamonds you want, input your Bigo Live ID, and make a credit card payment. Your Diamonds will be added promptly, increasing your Bigo Live enjoyment and interaction. 

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