5 Ways to Wear a Printed Shirt

Printed shirts are not just casual wear but a top most trending fashion essential for men. These shirts can be styled in different ways in order to help you to make a fashion statement in a variety of ways and express your style. Whether you are looking for beautifully designed printed shirts for men or trendy printed shirts for men, Tistabene has got you covered. Let’s explore five creative ways to wear printed shirts and evelate your style game.

Smart Casual Workwear

You can change your style game with printed shirts when it comes to styling for the office. Instead of sticking to the same old cotton solid shirts, try styling printed shirts for a change. It is an amazing way to put some style and personality to your workplace wardrobe. It is also a great way to infuse some style into your professional look.

How to Style it:

  • Pairing a well-fitted and subtle printed shirt with tailored trousers can provide you a sophisticated and smart office look.
  • Choosing understated prints such as micro patterns and pinstripes can help you maintain a professional appearance.
  • You can finish your look with polished shoes and a sleek belt for an extra touch of refinement.

Beach Vacation Vibes

For a tropical and relaxed vacation, printed shirts are a natural choice. Whether you are enjoying a sunset dinner by the sea or strolling along the beach, these printed shirts offer a stylish and laid-back look and are a great choice for your vacation wardrobe.

How to Style it:

  • Go for vibrant and colourful prints that can easily capture the essence of a beach destination. Think about nautical themes, palm trees and hibiscus flowers.
  • For a better relaxed and casual look, roll up the sleeves of your printed shirt for a perfect beach look.
  • For finishing the look, go for some comfortable shorts and a pair of sandals, and now you are all set for a beachfront adventure.

Casual Weekend Look

You can easily transform your look from play to work with printed shirts. These printed shirts are the perfect choice for a weekend outing, whether you are exploring the city or meeting friends or family for a brunch.

How to Style it:

  • Pairing a trendy printed shirt with slim fit jeans can provide you a laid-back and contemporary vibe.
  • For A relaxed appearance, leave the top button unbuttoned and the shirt untucked.
  • For completing the look, wear your favourite loafers or sneakers and you are ready to rock the weekend.

Evening Elegance with a Twist

Printed shirts for men can also be a great evening attire, offering a stylish and unique alternative to the standard dress shirt. It is a perfect choice for a special occasion and a night out.

How to Style it:

  • Choose a dark coloured or black printed shirt with an elegant and subtle pattern.
  • You can tuck your shirt into well-fitted dress pants along with accessorizing with a stylish belt and shoes.
  • For a more sophisticated look, add a blazer in a contrasting colour to elevate your outfit.

Layering and Texture Play

Layering is a great way to beat the cold wind by incorporating printed shirts into your wardrobe year-round. It allows you to experiment different patterns and textures of a printed shirt with different jackets or pullovers to create a visually appealing look.

How to Style it:

  • Wear a neutral-coloured printed shirt as a base. You can wear a checkered or a striped shirt for it.
  • Adding a contrasting cardigan or sweater can add style and warmth on top.
  • For finishing the look, go for dark colour chinos or jeans with a pair of boots for a textured yet polished outfit.

Wrap up

It is important to consider the quality and price of the shirt while buying a printed shirt. Tistabene offers a wide range of pocket-friendly and stylish printed shirts so that you can invest in the right place. High-quality craftsmanship and materials can ensure you that your printed shirt will last long along with looking great. Tistabene offers an excellent range of beautifully designed printed shirts for men at a wholesale price. You can find a wide range of trendy printed shirts for men to suit your budget and style, making it easy for you to elevate your wardrobe with this versatile piece of art. 

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