6 Health Benefits Of Having A Trampoline In Your Backyard 

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Trampolining is a fun pastime that boasts numerous health benefits for everyone, including kids and adults! Whether you want to let off some steam after a hard day’s work or are keen to find a safe activity that promises to entertain the little ones after school – adding a trampoline to your existing garden set-up is becoming more prevalent by the minute! 

Read on to discover the top six health benefits of owning one. 

1. A Gym Work-Out Like No Other 

If there are no gyms in your area, or you’re looking for a fitness regime that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors, incorporating a trampoline, like those available from Vuly, into your fitness regime is a great exercise option. 

Many aerobic instructors use this equipment as part of their exercise routines. If this isn’t enough to convince you, trampolining has been part of the Olympics since 2000. 

Studies show that regular trampoline workouts, lasting a minimum of 30 minutes, can improve cardiovascular health, irrespective of whether a middle-aged individual or an experienced athlete.  

2. Increases Bone Strength 

Trampolining, although fun, is also strenuous. As well as burning calories, the repetitive jump action improves bone strength. How? Jumping adds small amounts of stress to your bones. This motion enhances your musculoskeletal system and heightens your bone mineral content.  

The more you jump, the stronger you will get. Stronger bones equate to a healthy body, one unlikely to be affected by osteoporosis or brittle bone diseases.  

Unlike bouncing on concrete, a trampoline has a soft surface, which aids in protecting legs, joints, and bones. How? By absorbing the majority of the impact when you land. 

3. Helps You On Your Way to Powerful Legs 

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Everyone longs for powerful legs. Using a trampoline twice a week can help to achieve heightened leg strength. This exercise achieves the same results as running and cycling. However, it puts less pressure on our shins and knees. 

This is one of the reasons gymnastic coaches incorporate trampoline usage into athlete training regimes. The continuous up-and-down workout strengthens everything from your glutes to your abs to your back and leg muscles, making it a full-body workout that strengthens your core.  

4. Improves Balance 

Exercises, such as trampolining, greatly improve balance, which can add years to your lifespan. How? It helps build and maintain muscle mass, improves cognitive function, and lowers the probability of being diagnosed with ailments such as osteoporosis.  

The result? You have greater control over your body and mind. The more you practice, the better your balance will be in the long run.  

5. Improves Concentration 

When bouncing, it’s impossible not to anticipate your next action, such as the perfect landing or an acrobatic-style jump. This sport requires high levels of concentration, which assists in boosting brain power. 

In addition, studies suggest the art of trampolining, especially when controlling limbs and muscles at the same time, impacts our bilateral motor skills in a hugely positive way. 

It also strengthens our mental abilities by increasing blood flow to the brain. This influences our reaction times and our vision. It also increases our mental alertness. 

This makes it a great choice of exercise for kids who struggle to concentrate at school.  

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6. Lessen the Chance of Heart Disease and Type II Diabetes 

Yes, you heard it here first: jumping up and down on a trampoline can heighten blood flow, which has a positive effect on our cholesterol levels, increases our heart strength, and lowers our blood pressure. This, in turn, decreases the chance of unwanted ailments such as heart disease.  

In addition, this exercise technique can help to cure Type II diabetes, provided you partake in this exercise regularly for a lengthy period.  

Investing in a trampoline for these reasons alone will make it worth your while.  

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The Bottom Line 

After getting through the entire blog, you might have come to know that trampolining is a great workout for the entire family. This does not end here. As well as providing many hours of fun, it comes with a whole host of health benefits, many of which we have listed above.  

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, physically challenged, or old or young, this is an exercise that almost everyone can adopt. Why? Because it doesn’t put as much pressure on our joints as other forms of exercise, such as running on concrete or cycling.  

When you invest in a trampoline, you’re investing in your health. And guess what is the best part? There are numerous sizes and styles to choose from, meaning there is bound to be a trampoline to suit your yard, garden, and family’s needs. So, get yours today and make your loved ones go merry. 

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