8 Main Reasons Why You Should Install a Roof Rack 

If you’re planning a road adventure, you’ll need enough room in your car. Actually, your trunk cannot fit all your road trip essentials.  

Installing a roof rack enables you to travel without sacrificing one crucial item for another. Newer roof racks don’t just convey luggage; they can help you take your adventure to the next level. 

If you’re still considering getting one, these eight solid reasons might convince you. 

1 Easy to install 

Roof racks can be surprisingly easy to install. You can set up roof cargo baskets without reading an instruction manual.  

The simplicity of installing a roof rack is a game changer. Typically, roof racks are already calibrated from the factory. It implies that you only have to mount them securely and be on your way.  

If you take multiple stops on your trip, you will appreciate its quick load and offload time benefits. It saves time and helps you reach your destination faster. 

2 Transport cargo of various shapes and sizes Car trunks may not have enough room to house the needed travel essentials for an entire trip. 

However, roof racks exceed the limits of a trunk. They convey loads that won’t fit in them.  

Roof racks carry cargo of various sizes and shapes, including oddly-shaped ones. For instance, your rack tray can convey surfboards, tents, and jerry can.  

3 Save money 

Although the price of roof racks varies, you soon realize they save you money.  

First, you don’t need a roof rack for all your vehicles. 

Since many roof racks can fit multiple car types, you can use one for your various models. From your exotic Land Rover to the rough pickup truck, it offers a one-size-fits-all solution for your fleet.  

Another way roof racks save you money is maintenance. Not only is cleaning this equipment simple, but storing it away is stress-free. Maintenance makes them last longer; you don’t have to replace them frequently.  

4 Provide enough interior space 

Creating enough room in your vehicle is perhaps the most challenging part of preparing for an expedition. You can quickly solve this problem by getting a roof rack. 

These tools give you a practical option for storing your items. Instead of cramming your car interior, you can put your stuff on the roof. It provides more interior space to separate your foodstuff or clothing from maintenance and safety kits.  

Creating space in your car also makes the ride more comfortable, especially with co-travelers. You’ll have more room to stretch your limbs, increasing blood flow. When you feel uncomfortable driving, you can always recline your seat. 

5 Secure cargo

The last thing you want on your adventure is worrying about the safety of your items. Setting up a roof rack can help you secure your load. 

Depending on the cargo, you may need to provide shade for your essentials. Weather conditions like snow, wind, or rain may ruin some items or make them less effective.  

Being able to scan through your belongings can encourage theft. Keeping your items in a cargo box will discourage prying eyes from looking through your cargo.  

While some thieves may easily get discouraged, others would make attempts. Cargo boxes keep your load enclosed in an air-tight container. Roof racks put off thieves and can also prevent theft attempts.  

6 Protection for the vehicle 

Transporting load in your car can take its toll on the vehicle’s performance. Meanwhile, fitting your cargo in a roof rack can help preserve your car’s efficiency. 

Installing an aerodynamic roof rack like the cargo basket is vital. It reduces resistance to motion, enabling your vehicle to propel forward. 

Although you need to convey load, you want your car to maintain its best look. Camping essentials such as tents, pegs, tables, and chairs have sharp edges. A roof rack protects the car when housing the items, avoiding scratches or dents on your vehicle.  

7 Evenly distribute weight 

Weight distribution and center of gravity determine the vehicle’s balance and safety.  

With a roof rack, you can place your travel bags and camping gear on strategic ends of the roof. Uniformly distributing weight enables your car to maintain its center of gravity and retain balance in motion.  

The ability to maintain balance on the highway is crucial. It allows the driver to gain maximum control, enhancing safety. Even weight distribution enables you to exhaust less fuel, reducing your overall spending.  

8 Improve your car’s appearance 

Besides functionality, installing a roof rack can add some swagger to your ride. 

Earlier roof racks focused on functionality. They were typically clumpy metals with few color options and little attention to design – you couldn’t wait to take them off. 

However, newer models come in some of the most appealing designs you would want to show off. You would keep coming up with excuses to leave them in the car. 


Road trips usually take days or weeks. Thus, there’s no way you can fit all your road trip essentials in your trunk. With roof racks, you can convey all your stuff and create enough storage space inside the car. 

Not only can roof racks be easy to install, but they also help you save money and improve safety when driving. If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly type, roof baskets are the cheapest on the market. For functionality and style, get a roof cargo box.  

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