Automobile TAC Approval in India

TAC Approval (Type Approval Certificate) is an essential requirement for automobile manufacturers. This approval showcases that the automobile is following sets of standards that are related to its standard, technical, and safety. TAC certification is provided by the Ministry of Road and Highways to ensure many necessary aspects related to the product.  

There are many types of testing under TAC approval such as active and passive safety, photometry testing, electromagnetic compatibility, noise vibration harshness, homologation test, powertrain, and mechanical testing. Indian traders, importers, and manufacturers can apply for a TAC approval certificate which involves a few steps.   

Benefits of TAC Certification 

This certification is proof which shows that the product meets the standards which are related to technical or safety. It ensures the customer that the product is safe in comparison to other products that do not have this certification. Not only this, TAC approval also builds a relationship with the consumer by building trust on the basis of its quality and safety. 

This is a necessary certification before a product is sold in a particular market or before launching it in a market. Products that are covered under TAC approval are Gasoline or fuel tanks, door locks, automotive electronics, seat belts, batteries, lights, tires, and more. 

Documents Required for TAC Approval

Every application requires a few documents for completion and verification. For TAC approval you should have completely filled application form and a sample of a product must be submitted for testing, Compliance report according to TEC GR or Test results as per the defined process, Specifications of the factory, and facilities provided in it, technical documents which include operation manual, maintenance manual, user manual, installation manual or more. Whereas in the case of traders, an authorization letter is also necessary.

TAC approval is required for a product that is sold in a particular country and its process may differ from one country to another. Documents that we have mentioned are necessary for TAC approval in India whereas in other countries list of documents might change according to their standards.  

Process of TAC Approval in India  

It is necessary to complete the whole process for the TAC certification. There are a few steps that should be followed by the applicant for TAC Certification in India. The first step is the submission of the application in which the applicant should check all the details, and documents and then carefully submit the application. The next step includes product testing which means samples of the product are tested by the authorized testing center. This step also includes testing product details and its safety abilities.

After this, auditors conduct the inspection of the factory and check whether the details are right or not as provided in the application. After the inspection of the factory, auditors prepare a report of the product and factory, and then labeling of the parts is done. 

The time period for granting certification is around one month for Indian manufacturers whereas for foreign manufacturers it is 2 months. The time period may change according to the application delay or due to some other reasons. TAC Approval For Automobiles shows that the product is safe to use and it doesn’t endanger society. Not only this, but it also enforces necessary policies which are related to automobiles.


This certification plays a key role in many aspects. In terms of safety, emission, and technical parts, all are justified through this certification. Automobiles that have TAC certification can be sold lawfully in India and can reach bigger markets to increase their sales and brand reputation. Induce India provides TAC certification to automobiles to showcase the standards which are been followed by that specific automobile. 

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