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Besides the traditional forms of cockfighting and Western cockfighting, Bamboo cockfighting Also very popular today. Although these chickens are small, they have the ability to compete durably and help viewers delight their eyes with their skillful attacking skills. In the article below, Home page new88 will help you choose a qualified fighting bantam to become a brave fighting cock!

Learn about the form of bamboo cockfighting

Bamboo chicken is a breed of chicken raised a lot in the Southwestern region of our country, in the language of the Khmer people it is mon-che. But when they came to the North, people called them bamboo chickens. Since then, this breed of chicken has been widely raised and popular in provinces and cities in Vietnam. Bantam chickens usually weigh quite small compared to other chicken breeds, usually a bantam chicken ranges from 500 to 800g. However, the weight shared by bantam cockfighters is 600g.

Bantam chickens have a very eye-catching appearance, with long, silky feathers covering the entire body and diverse colors, attracting viewers. They have a rather small head, a long neck, a wide chest, quite large hips, and a comb that is not too large and upright. The legs of bantam chickens are relatively high and the spurs are very well developed, long and curved.

Bamboo cockfighting is a way for bantam cocks to compete with each other based on the same rules as iron spur cockfighting. Using bantams to participate in competitions brings impressive and exciting performances to those who like to watch cockfighting. Bamboo cockfighting uses high skills and endurance, so it is more popular in cockfighting than other forms of iron spur cockfighting.

The most prominent bamboo chicken breeds in Vietnam

Bamboo chickens are a breed of chicken raised quite commonly in our country, they have a variety of shapes and feather colors. Don’t underestimate these little chickens. When participating in competitions, they are like a strong and aggressive fighter, so they bring great appeal. In our country, there are many types of bantam chickens divided into many different types, as follows:

  • Bamboo banana chicken: A small male chicken breed with outstanding characteristics with colorful plumage of white, black and red. Banana chickens have feathers on their neck and body that are dotted with white feathers while the feathers and tail are jet black and look very beautiful.
  • Bamboo cashew chicken: This breed of chicken has a very strange color of purple or fire red that covers the entire body of the chicken. Bamboo cashew chicken is loved by many people because of its outstanding and very attractive appearance.
  • Some other bantam breeds: In addition to the two popular chicken breeds above, there are many other bantam breeds such as Tan Chau bantam, Serama bantam, etc.

How to choose fighting bantams that meet competition standards

The form of bantam fighting is popular today, with bantam competitions of high scale and quality. Therefore, raising bantam chickens to participate in competitions is not a simple task. To be able to choose a good bantam cock, each cockfighter must choose very carefully. Below are some criteria for selecting bantams to participate in the competition:
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About body shape

Not all types of bantams can participate in competitions because they need appearance criteria to qualify as a fighting cock, specifically as follows:

  • Bantam chickens must have a large, straight neck and a moderate length in proportion to their entire body.
  • The chicken must have a large salary and very strong and sturdy wings to have good fighting ability.
  • Fighting chickens must have a straight beak and a wide mouth to be able to bite the opponent. In addition, you should choose a bantam chicken with square-shaped eyes because it will be very brave.
  • Cocks fighting bantams need to have big, strong, firm thighs that have endurance when participating in fights.
  • The selected bantam must have sharp claws to be able to deliver fatal attacks to opponents.

About physical condition

After considering the chickens that meet the appearance standards, you need to pay attention to the physical condition of each chicken. Fighting chickens need to be in good physical condition to ensure health when competing. The way to check a bantam’s physical condition is as follows:

  • Check the chicken’s mouth: You can open the mouth of the bantam cocks to see more clearly. Normally, a healthy chicken will not have drool or bad odor from its mouth. In addition, a good bantam fighter that fights well often has a tongue that is quite short compared to other chickens. This is considered the identifying characteristic of famous chicken warriors.
  • Check the wings: The cockerel can check the wings of the chickens by holding and tossing the chickens up high for convenient observation. If the chicken has a long flight and strong movements, it means it has good wings.
  • Check the legs of the bantam fighting cock: Chicken legs are considered a very important part of a fighting cock. You should carefully observe whether the chicken’s landing movements are steady or not by putting the chicken on your shoulder and dropping it down. If this bantam chicken does not fall, its head is still straight, proving that its legs are very strong.

About skills

Skill is a very important factor for a cock to win in a bantam fight. A good cocker will train the bantams so that they can have many good skills when participating in competitions such as deep feeding skills, hole feeding skills, knowing how to drop bombs, etc.

About genetic factors

In addition to the factors mentioned above, genetic factors are also of interest to cockers in selecting cocks for competition. The chicks will inherit up to 70% of the characteristics of appearance and toughness from previous generations. Therefore, when choosing a chicken breed, you should not ignore this factor. Making a good choice will help you save a lot of time and effort to train your chicken in the future.

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