How to Choose the Best CMS to Create Aesthetic Websites

Hey friends! Amit here from Mega Web Design, your guide to creating beautiful, conversion-focused websites. We all know a powerful content management system (CMS) is crucial for building sites that dazzle and perform. But with so many options out there, how do you even start picking the best CMS for stunning websites?

Well, fret not! In this post, we’ll explore the top CMS contenders and see what makes each shine for aesthetics and beyond. Let’s dive in!

WordPress: The Gold Standard

With over 60% market share globally, WordPress dominates the CMS game. Its popularity stems from the following:

  • Open source – Free to use and modify
  • User-friendly – Intuitive dashboard and controls
  • Customizable – Tweak themes, plugins, code
  • Scalable – Handles complex or high-traffic sites
  • Secure – Constant updates and a large community base

For beautiful sites, WordPress offers:

  • Themes – Thousands of paid and free themes for any industry and style
  • Page builders – Drag and drop modules to customize layouts and content
  • Media support – Manage images, videos, and docs seamlessly
  • Ecommerce plugins – Run full online stores

With its balance of usability and flexibility, WordPress caters to sites from simple blogs to enterprise marketplaces. It’s the Swiss Army knife of CMS platforms.

Joomla: Built for Extensibility

Joomla powers over 3% of websites globally. It excels at:

  • Open source – Free and open like WordPress
  • Access control – Sophisticated user permissions system
  • Multilingual – Supports multiple languages out of the box
  • Ecommerce ready – Robust ecommerce and payment integrations
  • Search engine optimized – Built-in SEO-friendly features

For aesthetics, Joomla allows:

  • Template customization – Edit template code directly
  • Theme marketplace – Install new themes with one click
  • Module positioning – Place content modules anywhere using a drag-and-drop layout manager
  • Media libraries – Organize images, videos, and docs in databases

Joomla focuses on customizability and extensibility. It’s great for larger websites like media publications or online retailers.

Drupal: Design Flexibility

Drupal fuels over 2% of sites worldwide. Its major perks are:

  • Open source – Free like Joomla and WordPress
  • Enterprise scale – Handles complex high-traffic sites
  • Security – Granular user permissions and encryption
  • API first – Integrate third-party apps and services easily
  • Customizable – Modify and extend core functionality

For visual appeal, Drupal offers:

  • Responsive themes – Mobile-friendly themes out of the box
  • Drag-and-drop layouts – Rearrange page elements visually
  • Custom CSS/JS – Fine-tune styling and behavior
  • Media handling – Upload and manage rich media assets
  • Presentation modes – Different layouts per content type

Drupal provides deep design flexibility for developers. It excels for robust, enterprise-level websites.

Shopify: Commerce Focused

Shopify makes ecommerce easy. It’s built for:

  • Selling online – Everything required to sell products out of the box
  • Scalability – Handles complex stores and traffic spikes
  • Security – Level 1 PCI compliance for secure payments
  • Seamless checkout – Optimize conversions with built-in features
  • Inventory tracking – Sync inventory across channels

For aesthetics, Shopify enables:

  • Themes – Hundreds of polished themes for any industry
  • Customization – Edit theme code, CSS, and liquid templates
  • Enhancements – Add popular site elements like blogs, galleries, popups
  • Media management – Upload any file type with intelligent organization

As a commerce-first platform, Shopify streamlines, creating stunning online stores and selling easily.

Wix: Drag and Drop Convenience

Wix makes building websites point-and-click easy. It offers:

  • Intuitive editor – Drag and drop modules and assets
  • Great templates – Professionally designed templates for inspiration
  • SEO optimized – Title tags, meta descriptions, alt text automatically generated
  • Media handling – Upload and manage images, video, and audio with ease
  • Ecommerce – Sell products through an integrated shopping cart

For visual appeal, Wix provides:

  • Themes – Numerous creative themes for any vertical
  • Animation effects – Make pages interactive and engaging
  • Layout freedom – Absolute control over positioning design elements
  • Image editing – Built-in cropping, filters, adjustments
  • Logo creator – Automatically generate logos

Wix makes creating sleek, modern websites easy for non-coders. But, advanced customization still requires HTML/CSS knowledge.

Webflow: Design-First CMS

Webflow flips traditional CMS thinking by putting design first. It’s great for:

  • Visual workflow – Design, prototype, develop and deploy sites visually
  • Interaction building – Animate and add advanced interactions without code
  • Collaboration – Real-time team collaboration and content workflows
  • Hosting – Servers and CDN optimized for Webflow sites
  • CMS functionality – Users can edit site content after the launch

For aesthetics, Webflow enables:

  • Beautiful templates – Modern, professional template starting points
  • Intuitive Editor – Drag and drop to design and layout site
  • Animation – Animate elements with ease for engaging interactions
  • Styling Control – Customize styling infinitely without touching code
  • Media management – Upload and optimize images seamlessly

Webflow merges visual design with CMS functionality. Perfect for designers seeking complete creative control.

Key Takeaways

  • There are tons of CMS options, but WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Wix, and Webflow are top contenders.
  • Consider key criteria like usability, security, scalability, customization, and ecommerce needs.
  • WordPress offers a balance of ease of use and customization for most cases.
  • For advanced customization, Joomla and Drupal are great open-source options.
  • Shopify streamlines ecommerce, while Wix and Webflow simplify designing visually.

The right CMS website development provides a foundation for crafting remarkable websites. Ultimately, choose the platform aligned to your specific goals, capabilities, and appetite for customization. For help bringing your website vision to life, schedule a free strategy session with us at Mega Web Design! Just shoot us a message: [email protected]

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