How Common Is Erectile Dysfunction? Treatments and Causes

If you’re a man experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, there are several things you may attempt to alleviate the symptoms. One of them is to consume a well-balanced diet that includes lots of nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, as well as foods high in antioxidants. Another option is to do workouts developed particularly to strengthen the lower pelvic muscles.

What exactly is erectile dysfunction?

Most Australian men over the age of 45 suffer from erectile dysfunction. It happens less often in healthy males than in smokers who are overweight, have chronic health problems, or are inactive.

The probability of developing erectile dysfunction rises with age. It’s probable that you’re one of the 10% of guys your age who suffer from erectile dysfunction while they’re under 40. The vast majority of males suffering from erectile dysfunction are above the age of 85.

Vascular disorder

It’s critical to figure out what’s causing your erectile dysfunction. You should also be informed of the best methods for treating or preventing it.

The most common causes of ED are cardiovascular and neurological disorders. You might also be suffering from a mental illness such as sadness or anxiety. These issues may be addressed with the assistance of a trained counsellor.

The most frequent symptom of erectile dysfunction among males is difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection. The symptoms might persist anywhere from a few weeks to three months. It’s a challenging situation for you and your spouse.

The likelihood of experiencing erectile dysfunction increases with age. This is because you are more likely to be influenced by both direct and indirect risk factors.


When a guy is unable to maintain a stable erection throughout a sexual encounter, this is referred to as (ED). This is a problem that many guys face, and it affects their life. However, it is typically a symptom of a medical issue.

In order to test for erectile dysfunction, a physical examination and medical history are required. A detailed sexual history can help differentiate between male erection difficulties and other disorders.

Depression, diabetes, and heart disease are all illnesses that may cause erectile dysfunction. Drugs are also a problem. Blood pressure medicine, antidepressants, and certain Vidalista 20 mg may all impair a man’s sexual erection.

Surgery-related procedures, such as pelvic exonerative operations, are linked to erectile dysfunction. Older men are more likely to have ED since they have more cardiovascular risk factors.

Erectile dysfunction caused by medication

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition in which a man is unable to get an adequate erection during sexual activity. Inability to get an erection might interfere with men’s intimacy and intimate relationships. It may also have an effect on a man’s self-esteem and overall well-being.

There are several reasons and therapies for ED. This encompasses underlying physical conditions as well as psychological illnesses. One should consult with their doctor about their concerns and the treatment alternatives accessible.

In most situations, erectile dysfunction is caused by a neurological ailment or condition. Diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and cancer may all contribute to these disorders.

Fildena 100 mg medicines may be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, surgical therapies are an option. The technique will be determined by the cause of the problem and the patient’s preferences.

Hypogonadism is caused by aging.

Age-related hypogonadism is the medical term for this disorder. It happens when an elderly guy has low testosterone levels. This may have an effect on the person’s mental and sexual health. It may also increase the number of deaths.

Symptoms of hypogonadism include decreased muscle mass, decreased erectile function, and weight gain. It has also been related to worse cognitive functioning.

Other symptoms of hypogonadism in older men include a loss in energy, a drop in desire, and a decline in sexual function. A complete assessment will include a detailed physical and medical history, as well as the necessary laboratory testing.

Muscle strengthening exercises for the pelvic floor

Erectile dysfunction is the medical term for this issue. It is a medical problem that occurs when a man is unable to get a decent erection. It is not uncommon for males to experience ed.

Pelvic floor muscle exercises may aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They have been shown to improve erectile function in men with erectile dysfunction. The exercises may be performed either standing or laying down.

The pelvic floor muscles are a group of skeletal muscles that go from the pubic bone to the lower section of the spinal column. They are linked to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

The muscles act as a sling, supporting the bladder and bowel. They are also in charge of maintaining the pelvic floor’s stability and providing support to the organs. Muscle weakness may result in faucal leaks as well as ED.

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