How do you write a Salary Increment Letter?

Most employees at one moment in their careers may have thought of the possibility of asking for a raise. This is particularly relevant for employees currently impacted by the worldwide pandemic, which has directly or indirectly affected many jobs and industries. In uncertain situations, such as these, many people are unemployed or require them to alter their job profiles. This also impacts the salaries as well as bonuses and annual salaries of many professionals. In light of the rising job markets, employees look forward to salary increment letter they did not receive the last time from their employers. But, few workers can request an increase in their wages they’re entitled to professionally so that they will convince their bosses to give them a green signal.

So, if you’re someone like them and are planning to request your boss for an increase in your salary, It is essential to comprehend what a good salary increment letter is supposed to look like and how to write an excellent letter of increment.

A simple approach of contacting your boss and telling him you are feeling underpaid and need a raise is not going to assist. So, it’s always an excellent idea to start the conversation by requesting a salary increment email to your manager. For help in writing an effective request letter for an increase in salary.

here are some suggestions about how to request it in an email

Begin on a positive note

The first 2-3 lines of your salary increment letter should express how much you have enjoyed working on the project/department/with the team. Additionally, you should mention the amount of learning opportunities you’ve experienced throughout the period of time. Beginning your letter of request to increase your salary positively is an effective approach to grabbing the interest of your manager and proving you’re enjoying your work in the Tech company.

Give the reasons

In the next paragraph, state the main reason you wrote the letter. In this case, it is hoping to get a raise in your pay. Simply saying you are entitled to a raise will be a waste of time. The boss should know that you are valuable and the contribution you’ve made to the company is equally crucial. You can also mention the greater quantity of duties you’ve taken on since the last increase and then highlight some successes.

Here are some facts

When writing a salary increment letter, justify your arguments with evidence in a courteous manner. This could include the boss’s earlier suggestions or promises to give you the raise. This could also be due to the cost of living in a city, location, or the location of your work and home. You could also provide evidence to show that people who have the same skills, experience, and responsibilities in the field are paid higher than you are receiving. Information like an index of cost-of-living or the salary index are readily accessible on the internet. But it shouldn’t seem like complaining too much.

Discuss the amount

In writing your letter of request to increase your salary, be specific with regard to the amount you’re hoping to earn. You may provide your boss with an estimate so that they are aware of your expectations and then see what is possible at their end. But, at the same time, it’s important that the information you’re seeking is a reasonable request.

Let the year end on a high note

Last but not least, finish the increment letter on a positive foot by notifying the employer that you’re prepared to discuss the matter. Avoid the mistake of making threats to quit the job at any time to cause you to lose your job. See what your boss’s reaction will be, and while you wait, prepare yourself for the face-to-face meeting. If everything goes well for both of you following the meeting, then great. If not, you could think of an alternative possibility, like looking for an opportunity to work.

An Example of a Salary Increase Request Letter

Salary Increment Letter Format

Here is salary increment letter sample:


(Employee Name)


(Employee Code, if Any)

Subject: Increment on (reason)

Dear Mr./Ms. __________,

Dear (Employee Name) We would like to congratulate you on completion of the (No. of Year) Year with us. We are pleased to inform you of your salary increase effective from __________. The amount of your salary increase is ₹INR_______. We understand that this is a substantial increase in your pay and we appreciate your hard work and dedication to our company.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your contributions over the past year. Your performance has been exemplary and we appreciate the valuable advice and guidance you have provided during this period.

Please accept this letter as formal notification of your salary increase and as a gesture of appreciation from the management team at __________ Company, Inc..

Best Wishes

Sincerely Yours

(HR Name)

Here is the template for an application for a salary increase that you can use when requesting an increase to your boss:

Requesting an increase in a systematic manner will allow you to organize your thoughts on the topic and lay the foundation for having an enjoyable discussion with the boss. To achieve this, creating a letter asking for a salary increase can be the very first thing to do. Superworks HR toolkit has free, readymade 300+ HR documents. Download free HR document templates & customize them as per business need. Explore all the must-know information about an employee attendance letter format

We hope that following the advice given above and incorporating ideas in the form of sample letters will assist you.

Best of luck!

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