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How Spiders Can Enter Your House

Spiders are clever and invasive pests. Although the majority of spiders do not pose serious threats to humans, some of them can inflict painful bites. Finding spider webs or egg sacs in your house can be terrifying. Thankfully, you can rely on spider control services to handle a spider problem for you and provide you with some tips to keep spiders out. Also, you can learn how spiders enter your house and the steps you can take to prevent reentry. Spiders can get inside your house through the following

Torn Window Screens and Window Cracks

A lot of smaller spider species can squeeze through window frame cracks to get into your house. Some of them may slip under window gaps. Also, they can enter your home through torn screens. Thus, you should check your windows and screens every spring before you open the windows. A handheld vacuum can clear the tracks of your windows to get rid of hidden egg sacs or specimens there.

Door Gaps

Spiders can invade your home through gaps in your doors. To prevent such entry, double-check for door gaps, especially those that lead to the garage. Also, consider attaching door sweeps to build a tight seal. Some older doors in your house may no longer shut tightly. Over time, these doors may become loose and have gaps through which spiders squeeze through. 

HVAC Ducts and Pipes

Spiders love to explore, particularly if they discover dark, moist places such as HVAC ducts and pipes. These creatures may build webs at pipe entrances if possible. Thus, you may want to cover these pipes with fitted material to deter spiders from entering your house. Also, monitor your AC unit’s outdoor condenser to make sure spiders are not taking up residence there. 

Foundation Cracks and Gaps

Spider issues that start in the cellar necessitate checking the foundation of your house. Even tiny foundational cracks can allow these pests in and let them reproduce in the cellar. When spiders are inside, they can infest the items you store there. 

Because moisture draws spiders, make sure you keep your basement dry and clean. A sump pump is a great investment for your home as it prevents moisture problems that flood can leave behind. 

To keep spiders away from your house, you need experience, as well as the right tools and equipment. Pest control technicians have these requirements. They can develop an effective treatment barrier around your house, seal entry points, and offer you different options to spider-proof your home.

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