How to Power Cycle a WiFi Router?

There are times when users are forced to power cycle or reboot their WiFi router. For instance, they are seeing a red light on the router, or they can’t connect their router and modem, are unable to set up the router, or update the router’s firmware, facing not working issue, or the router’s admin details not working. Any of the above-mentioned issues can let the user to reboot or power cycle their WiFi router.

No matter what has led you to restart or power cycle your router, this post will help you get the job done in a hassle-free manner. What you have to do – go through the step-by-step instructions provided in this post. But, you must read the instructions first. Why? Because it is important for you to understand what is given here first. And, once you understand the instructions, apply them in the exact given order for a smooth and hassle-free power cycle process. Keep reading!

The instructions provided here are applicable to every WiFi router make and model to power cycle or restart it.


Further in this post, we have provided you some fixes to troubleshoot issues with your router (that have forced you to power cycle it). Keep reading!

First, we will guide you through the power cycling process!

Steps to Power Cycle WiFi Router

Here are the complete instructions to power cycle the WiFi router:

  • First things first, you are supposed to turn off your WiFi router and do unplug it from its respective wall socket.
  • Once you are done unplugging your WiFi router, just keep it unplugged for 10-15 minutes.
  • Have you waited till the mentioned time? If yes, plug in your router back and turn it on.
  • Wait for the LEDs on your router to start blinking and then turn solid.

In this manner, you can power cycle your WiFi router.

Fix Issues with WiFi Router

As we have mentioned earlier, by providing you the fixes to the most common router-related issues that have led you to power cycle it, we will end up this article.

Router Red Light Issue

It’s ok to fix the router red light issue by power cycling it. But, there are a few things more that you can do to get rid of it.

  • Check your internet connection. Poor internet also causes the red light issue. For fixing it, you must contact your ISP, ensuring all the internet-related things are okay from his end.
  • Poor power supply to the router. Ensure to provide a steady power supply to your router.
  • Connectivity issues between your router and internet modem. Be certain to connect them firmly and properly.

Connectivity Issues

Connectivity issues between your router, modem, and client devices (computer or laptop) can also force the users to power cycle it (the router). To get it fixed, you just have to ensure that your router, modem, PC, or laptop are placed in close proximity (if you have connected them in a wireless manner). And, if you have connected them using an Ethernet source, make sure the Ethernet cable used by you is well working.

Unable to Set Up Router or Update Firmware

If you are unable to set up your WiFi router or update its firmware, kindly ensure that:

  • You are following the correct instructions to set up the router or update its firmware
  • The client device you are using must be connected to your router’s WiFi
  • Use the correct web address and router login details to access the router setup and firmware update page
  • Do not interrupt any of the processes in between by turning off the router or closing the opened page or Router Admin Details Not Working

  • not working issue can be fixed by simply ensuring that it is entered without tying errors
  • Regarding router’s admin details, you are supposed to input it without using the caps lock or shift key of your keyboard

In both cases, you must be connected to your router’s WiFi. Apart from this, we also suggest using

url // (alternative to the router’s IP) to access the router setup and firmware update page.

These were some fixes to a few router-related issues that you can try prior to power cycling the router.

To Wrap Up

So, users! We are now going to wrap up this particular article. We are really hopeful that the information we have provided here will help you power cycle your WiFi router and fix issues with it.

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