How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet as a Cherished Keepsake

The flowers at a wedding are a lovely and meaningful touch. They are usually selected with great care to complement the wedding’s theme and color scheme. Moreover, they give a lovely, romantic touch to the event. After the wedding is over, many women are concerned about what to do with their wedding bouquet flowers to maintain their beauty and durability.

How to Keep Wedding Flowers Fresh for as Long as Possible

You may preserve your wedding flowers as brilliant as the day they were picked up. With enough planning and creativity, you may preserve your wedding flowers long after the ceremony. Follow these tips for keeping wedding flowers:

Air Drying Process

You may save money and time by conserving flowers in this way. The best place to store your bouquet is upside down in a dark, cold, and ventilated place. You may then put them on display in shadow boxes, frames, or even glass jars when they have dried.

Dry Flower with Silica Gel

Flowers may be dried with silica gel, which also helps them keep their form and color. Don’t let the flower petals contact when you place them in the silica gel-filled container. Carefully covering the blossoms with extra silica gel, you should wait around a week before checking on them.

Pressing Process 

Flat, preserved flowers that may be used in crafts or framed beautifully can be easily made by pressing them. Press the blossoms using a thick book and sheets of absorbent paper (such as parchment or blotting paper). Flowers typically dry and flatten down over the course of many weeks.

Freeze Drying 

A highly refined technique, professional freeze-drying preserves flowers without altering their hue, form, or texture. Get in touch with a reliable freeze-drying provider for optimal outcomes.


Making beautiful flower paperweights, jewelry, and decorations is easy when you embed them in resin. Avoiding air bubbles and ensuring adequate curing requires strict adherence to the recommendations.

Wax Paper Method 

To keep your blossoms looking fresh for longer, wrap them in a thin coating of wax paper. This is a straightforward approach that may be performed at home.

Apply Microwave Pressing 

Flowers may be quickly and easily pressed in the microwave as an alternative to more time-consuming procedures. In order to speedily dry the flowers, you can use a microwave flower press or a microwave-safe container with absorbent paper.

Glycerin Bath Method

Softness and flexibility are preserved in flowers by soaking them in a solution of water and glycerin. Preserved using glycerin, flowers can last for a long time.

Professional Photographs

Although taking high-quality images of your wedding flowers isn’t the same as preserving them physically, you can always look back on their splendor and be transported back in time. To guarantee jaw-dropping results, choose a professional photographer.

Hybrid Methods 

You may make preserved flower arrangements that are both one-of-a-kind and aesthetically pleasing by combining techniques such as air drying and resin embedding.

Take Extra Precautions

It’s essential to be careful while handling dried flowers because of their fragility. You should not put too much weight on them or touch them too often. Since this might cause them to break away. A delicate brush or a gentle stream of compressed air can be used to clean. And transport your dried flowers without damaging them.

Get Them Out Of The Sunlight

Dried flower arrangements should be stored somewhere out of direct sunlight since exposure to UV radiation can cause color fading over time. Dried flowers should be shown off in a location with indirect light, or protected from the sun’s rays using UV-filtering glass.

Avoid humidity

Dried flowers will lose their shape and color if subjected to humidity. So it’s important to store them somewhere dry. Places with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens, should be avoided while storing dried flowers. To keep their beauty, you ought to keep them someplace that is cool and has adequate ventilation.

Protect them by sealing them

Sealing your dried flowers with a clear protective spray or a layer of clear acrylic will help keep them in pristine condition for longer. This will keep them from fading or splitting apart and will also help them keep their original color.
Finally, if you take the time to preserve your wedding flowers, you may look at them and feel the joy of that day even after the festivities have gone. Many techniques exist, such as pressing, hanging to dry, and making beautiful resin casts. If you want flower delivery near me, the following information can help you maintain your wedding flowers. Carefully preserving your dried flowers will guarantee that they serve as a lasting token of your affection and joy for many years to come.

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