Revamp Your Infrastructure with MasterEmaco N 907 and MasterTop 1231 in Dubai

Revitalizing and enhancing the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure is a crucial aspect of modern construction. In the vibrant city of Dubai, Reva International offers cutting-edge solutions through MasterEmaco N 907 and MasterTop 1231. These products are two of the many offerings from Reva International, designed to meet the highest standards of construction and renovation. In this article, we will explore the capabilities of MasterEmaco N 907 and MasterTop 1231 and how they play a pivotal role in transforming structures in the heart of the UAE.

MasterEmaco N 907 – A Two-Component Marvel

MasterEmaco N 907 stands as a testament to the innovative engineering solutions offered by Reva International. It is a two-component acrylic polymer-modified blow hole filler and re-profiling mortar, designed to address the most intricate needs of construction projects in Dubai.

One of the standout features of MasterEmaco N 907 is its versatility. It can be applied up to 10 mm, making it a reliable choice for various applications. When used as a skim coat before the application of protective coatings, it ensures that the surface is perfectly smooth and ready to receive further treatments. This is particularly beneficial in a city like Dubai, where aesthetics and durability are paramount.

Moreover, MasterEmaco N 907 is specially formulated to produce a shrinkage-compensated mortar, eliminating the risk of cracks when applied in thin sections. This ensures that the structural integrity of the building remains uncompromised, even in Dubai’s extreme weather conditions.

The composition of MasterEmaco N 907 includes a carefully balanced blend of Portland cements, selected aggregates, and liquid acrylic. These components are provided in a convenient, pre-packaged form, requiring only on-site mixing to produce a creamy, easily applicable mortar. This streamlined approach to application saves time and resources, making it an ideal choice for construction projects in Dubai.

MasterTop 1231 – Epoxy Excellence

MasterTop 1231 serves as the ultimate solution for projects requiring a decorative epoxy overlay system for concrete floors. This multi-component, self-smoothing, and solvent-free system offers meticulous design, ensuring continuous protection for concrete floors at thicknesses ranging from 2.0 to 4.0 mm.

Dubai’s architectural landscape, characterized by innovation and style, finds in MasterTop 1231 a suitable match. This material, with its unique properties, transforms into a dense, colorful, glossy surface upon curing. This addition of an aesthetic dimension not only enhances visual appeal but also imparts a robust protective layer, crucial for structures exposed to constant wear and tear.

MasterTop 1231’s versatility extends beyond concrete floors, making it a fitting choice for various surfaces, including glazed and terrazzo tiles, steel, and timber. This adaptability proves advantageous in Dubai, where diverse construction materials are commonly used, ensuring a uniform appearance throughout projects.

Transitioning to Excellence

Transitioning between products and services seamlessly is an essential aspect of Reva International’s approach to construction in Dubai. It ensures that the entire process is not only efficient but also results in a consistently high standard of workmanship.

Reva International’s Expertise in Dubai

In Dubai, where innovation and modernity define the skyline, Reva International has carved a niche for itself by providing exceptional construction solutions. Their technical department is always ready to assist clients with any requirements beyond the standard applications of their products. This personalized approach is a testament to their commitment to delivering the best to their clients in Dubai.


Reva International is revolutionizing the construction scene in Dubai with its cutting-edge products, MasterEmaco N 907 and MasterTop 1231. These solutions exemplify quality, reliability, and innovation, rendering them indispensable for any construction project in the city.

Dubai’s continuous development and growth offer unique challenges and opportunities for builders. Reva International’s MasterEmaco N 907, a two-component acrylic polymer-modified blow hole filler, addresses the demand for versatile and durable construction solutions. Simultaneously, the self-smoothing, solvent-free, decorative epoxy overlay system, MasterTop 1231, not only infuses style but also enhances the protection of concrete floors, elevating the city’s architectural landscape.

The seamless integration of these two products into a construction project ensures that Dubai not only meets but surpasses its high construction standards. Additionally, Reva International’s expertise and technical support provide a level of assurance and reliability that distinguishes them in the construction industry.

In conclusion, Reva International’s commitment to delivering top-notch solutions eases Dubai’s path toward architectural excellence and modernization. MasterEmaco N 907 and MasterTop 1231 are prime examples of how innovation and technology are shaping the city’s future, one structure at a time.

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