Our company provides moving services for offices. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of specialists, the process only lasts for a short time but takes place quickly without complications or damage.


Moving to a new office is a common occurrence in Dubai and the Dubai region. Companies are growing, finding better rental conditions or moving closer to metro stations. You can use the services of Office Movers in Dubai for your Office moving.


At your service are a fleet of 500 cars, careful drivers, and polite movers. We will select the Gazelle that is most suitable for solving your problem. The crew will arrive at your convenience – 20 minutes after your request or at any other time.


There are a lot of jobs that need to be done during an office move. You can do them yourself, but it is better to entrust them to professionals, given that the service is inexpensive.

When organizing an office move, our company, cares about the client’s convenience.

We provide:

· free visit of an employee to the site to assess the scope of upcoming work;

· comprehensive performance of work, including furniture disassembly, dismantling of office equipment, packaging activities, transportation, loading and unloading operations, on-site furniture assembly and arrangement;

· Provision of necessary packaging materials (boxes, stretch, tape, three-layer runway, etc.);

· collection and disposal of waste after moving;

· Compliance with the deadlines specified in the contract.

Work on moving office furniture, equipment, documentation, and other v.lfkork0eorie0roioeriorirlfrofrofrlfklfkrldmfkkvnnnproperty of the organization is carried out by decent, responsible employees. All of our movers, furniture assemblers, assemblers, riggers, and other personnel are citizens of the Russian Federation.

For ease of communication, a personal manager is assigned to each order, who can resolve all issues, from receiving and discussing the application to providing reporting documents.

Our company does not only move office furniture. We will resolve the entire range of issues related to cargo transportation and logistics. The client does not have to look for additional teams to assemble or pack tables, cabinets, etc. We inexpensively carry out both individual work and provide turnkey services.


If the holiday season is in full swing or the volume of work at your warehouse is such that full-time employees cannot keep up, our specialists are ready to help. You can use the services of movers, laborers, order pickers, and assemblers. Our staff can even work with food, thanks to the availability of personal sanitary records.


Stores and construction companies, transport and logistics companies order movers from us continuously.

One-time requests often come on the eve of holidays, when the cargo flow of products increases many times over. Movers and packers in Abu Dhabi warehouses can work entire shifts or arrive at the time of receipt or shipment of goods.


If you need something urgently moved, loaded, or unloaded, order movers from our company. We work around the clock. Our employees respond to timely requests, work quickly and accurately, and pay attention to the customer’s property.


When discussing the application, our managers will immediately inform the client about the possibility/impossibility of ordering movers for the desired time. Each applicant can count on individual service. If we have available staff, we are ready to provide even urgent movers services – on the day the application is received.


Our company provides 24-hour mover services with an hourly rate (apartment and Office moves, one-time loading and unloading operations), personnel services for work in warehouses and production facilities in Dubai and Dubai Region: packers and sorters of products, goods, and general workers.

 If you need to order a Movers in Dubai service, you must fill out a request on our website or call the numbers provided. Our movers will inexpensively, carefully, and professionally perform any loading and unloading work within the agreed time frame.

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