How do you write a research proposal for the first time?

Are you in trouble for writing down a research proposal? Are you doing it for the first time? Then, Research proposal writing services can be a good choice for this purpose. Let us see the issues one may face while writing the research proposal for the first time. Then one may be able to plan the structure of the proposal and make sure that the issues are sorted out. Further, blog will help to review things to do and common mistakes to be avoided in research proposal writing.

Common issues and their solutions in writing the research proposal for the first time

Everything is difficult when it is to be done for the first time. The same is the case for research proposal writing. When a student writes down the proposal for the first time then it seems challenging. Student my review background of the study in research proposal example for guidance. Some of the common issues are:

Choosing a topic: The student seeks a variety of topics and it is difficult to finalize which topic is best. The issue can be sorted out by noting down all the important topics. Then students may rate the topics with the help of a supervisor. Literature review of keywords can help students choose good topic. This will finalise the topic and work can be started. Student may show a list of chosen topics to supervisor for approval.

Aligning literature: The student must start to review the literature after choosing the topic. There is a huge literature available and students will be confused when seeing a mixture of data. For this purpose, it is ideal to review Dissertation Abstract Writing Services and weigh the literature relevancy. The literature can help in writing the objectives. This helps the student to divided literature while conducting search.

Structuring: It is essential to outline the proposal. It is further discussed in the next section.

 How to structure a research proposal?

Student needs to develop an outline to make sure that writing is in progress. There is a wide range of structures given in the sample proposals online. One may see an Example of the background of the study in the research proposal for this purpose. The student should not be confused with the varied proposal structuring. This can be done by considering the standard format of the research proposal. The standard format helps structure the proposal.


Information about the topic from other sources is added in this section. It is like a preamble that shares the main opinions about the same topic from previous studies.

Literature Review:

It contains comprehensive critical analysis of literature relevant to the current proposed topic for study. It also identifies the literature gap which is to be covered in present study.

Aims and Objectives:

They are very specific. The aim shows the main focus of the study. For convenience, the aim is divided into objectives.

Research Questions:

The study needs to reach the end product. This end product is the answer to those questions that arise at the start of the study in the mind of the researcher.

Problem Statement:

The value of the proposal can be analysed with the help of a justified problem statement. It gives ground to the study and acknowledges the importance of the topic.

Scope of Study:

It narrates the study coverage area. It shares the value of the study to ensure its need.


This section identifies the proposed method for the current study. It is helpful to elaborate on the research approach, philosophy and design in this section.

Expected Outcomes:

The proposal is a proposed plan. The research will be conducted after this. The expected outcomes shape the future and tell what is expected in the end.

Study plan:

It can be given in the form of a Gantt chart. It contains the milestones to the final level.


It contains the end text list of citations in a defined referencing format. 

Must To Do

Let us have a review of things one must do while writing a research proposal for the first time. They are:

  • Choose the suitable methodology as you have to apply it in the proposal
  • Keep on adding end text and in-text referencing side by side
  • Have a review of grammar and punctuation side by side
  • Run Grammarly tool to save time and ensure quality
  • Paraphrase information from literature and comprehend it in your own words to avoid plagiarism
  • Keep your pace slow in the start and be more active with time.
  • Outline the structure of proposal in the start
  • You should mention specific word count in the specific sections of the research proposal
  • Make sure you have seen the university policy while making the outline and count division
  • Use updated references
  • Use active voice in sentence structuring

Common Mistakes

Students make some common mistakes while writing a proposal for the first time. Let us have a review of some Don’ts of proposal writing:

  • Don’t choose a broad topic
  • Don’t forget to justify the topic with extensive reasoning
  • Don’t copy-paste work from other authors? It will add a plagiarism score.
  • Don’t leave referencing for the end. You might forget to trace exact references later
  • Don’t use literature below 2015. It will make your work look low.
  • Avoid using long sentence. Avoid passive voice in sentences.
  • Don’t add abstract in proposal.

Summing up

It is recommended that a student make sure that the proposal has been structured at the start. Then the student may keep on adding the aim, objectives and background in the sequel. There is a need for more attention to writing in flow so keep the pace slow at the start. Increase pace with time and write in fluency. One may do it with the best efforts input. Nothing is impossible for the person who can will and then do things. Although, one might be writing the proposal for the first time but applying the aforementioned ideas can help the student to do with some good tools. Good Luck!

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