Virtual Sports – Easy Game to Win Money at New88

As you know, the betting market has made great strides in the entertainment industry, every day dozens of new games are released with all different genres and genres. New88 is no exception to this race.

Recently, the house has allowed it to develop Virtual sports, although it is an area that has not been unearthed for a long time, it has received a lot of attention from the betting community. Especially with the stressful epidemic situation in recent years, matches cannot be held as often as before.

So the ways Virtual Sports betting How did New88 develop so quickly until now? To better understand Virtual Sports and how to participate in Virtual Sports at New88sg, please join us to learn more with the article below!

What is virtual sports?

Good virtual sports virtual sport is defined as sports matches reproduced on a programmable graphics platform 3D. Although these are not real people competing, the matches in the game are inspired by real-life images, costumes, and tournaments. This virtual sports game is quite similar to other games esports like FIFA ONLINE, NBA2K.

In category Sports betting of New88, you will discover and experience the feeling of betting similar to traditional sports along with many extremely attractive types of odds and betting forms.

Virtual sports will have all the major football tournaments spread around the world such as: World Cup, Champion League, Premier League,… Or basketball tournaments such as: VBA, NBA, FABA World Cup, … So you can completely participate in betting according to your preferences.

At New88, the house has invested in programming a top-notch computer system, automatically creating matches periodically and will have random results for players when participating in the game. So even though the parameters are taken from real players and teams, the scores will be completely random, not pre-calculated and depend on the player’s luck.

Therefore, due to this nature of luck and luck, Virtual Sports attracts a lot of people’s attention and sees it as an interesting entertainment betting game. Not taking too much time and not being affected by external factors, you can participate in matches that take place continuously every day.

Diverse sports are sought after at New88 Virtual Sports

At New88, there are a variety of subjects that are loved by many people

Virtual sports at New88 are inspired and simulate real matches based on data taken from real-life players. Coming to the bookmaker, you will be able to fully experience all popular sports such as: football, basketball, tennis, dog racing, horse racing, etc. Some sports are sought after at New88 Virtual Sports such as To be:

Virtual football

This is the game that many people choose to play the most because of its attractiveness and the specifically displayed data that is convenient for making judgments. In addition, the competition time is relatively short, only about 3-4 minutes, and you can know the results immediately.

Normally, you will bet 10 seconds before the match starts. However, coming to New88, you can bet on halftime or whenever the odds system is up.

Regarding virtual football, New88 offers extremely diverse cups and tournaments including:

  • Virtual Euro Football Cup.
  • Virtual football cup.
  • European virtual football cup.
  • Virtual football tournament.
  • World Football Championship.

Virtual basketball

Similar to football, basketball also simulates matches and is a subject that many people are looking for. Each season of Virtual Basketball will last about 160:30 minutes, and will have full stages such as: before the tournament, match days and even after the tournament.
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And on each day, the match will last 3:30 minutes, similar to a real basketball match. You can bet on the match you like, which will be opened 10 seconds before the match takes place. And on such a day, there will be at least 30 matches for you to choose and bet on.

Virtual tennis

Virtual tennis is definitely a playground that you should not miss because even though it has a market with not too many participants, the winning rate is extremely high. If you understand the rules and regularly watch real-life matches, this game will not be difficult for you at all.

Advantages when coming to Virtual Sports at New88

Wide variety of betting forms

Most virtual sports competitions at New88 have betting forms similar to real life. Virtual sports like this will be extremely suitable for new bettors just entering the betting field to practice while playing.

Betting methods or types of odds have been typical in the betting world for a long time.

For those of you who are already professional players, you can still try many new types of bets. Following that is the combination of cross bets to increase more bonuses.

Compete with attractive betting odds

Virtual Sports betting is completely pre-set based on software without spending too much time or effort like traditional sports. That’s why the odds here are extremely attractive with the goal of helping you win higher prize values ​​when playing here.

There have been quite a few brothers who are members of New88 and have made a fortune quickly when participating in betting here. They have become VIP customers and enjoy many attractive policies and promotions.

The playground is suitable for busy people

Because the match time is quick and only takes 4 to 5 minutes to complete a match, you will still have many opportunities to work or play outside of real life,… As for the match. The traditional time of up to 90 minutes will make you spend more time focusing and watching. 

Not only that, you may also be affected by external factors. Because such traditional matches often encounter situations such as: Cancellation of matches, rescheduling due to weather or epidemics, etc. Therefore, you will definitely be disappointed if you have too much expectation.

Ensure fairness for your customers

New88 is considered a reputable bookmaker licensed by betting organizations and the government to operate according to law. Therefore, Virtual Sports betting products at this house also ensure transparency, clarity, and fairness for all of its customers.

Along with automation features but taken from actual parameters, your betting predictions when playing are completely grounded. So you will not need to worry about these issues when betting here.

How to participate in Virtual Sports betting at bookmaker New88

As introduced above, Virtual Sports betting does not have too many difficulties and is extremely simple compared to traditional sports betting.

Along with such advantages and quick playing time, Virtual Sports has been chosen by many brothers every day on the bookmaker New88. So how to participate in Virtual Sports betting? Please continue to follow us to receive the clearest instructions from us!

Step 1: Log in to your member account to participate in Virtual Sports

Go to the correct homepage and log in to your New88 game portal account. You can access b8k. Or Download the New88 app Log in to your mobile device to participate.

Step 2: Deposit money into your account

Of course, to participate in any betting game, you also need to deposit money into your game account. This is a decisive and extremely important step so you can proceed with betting in the next steps.

Step 3: Access virtual sports

Right at the main interface screen, you will see a series of game halls listed such as: Sports, Esports, Casino, Slots, Fish shooting, 3D games, Lottery.

Here, please click on the “Sports” category, then select “Saba – Sports” and find the game you want to bet on such as: Virtual football, virtual basketball, virtual tennis,… Now , you just need to select the game to switch to the main interface of the game.

Step 4: Start participating in Virtual Sports betting

Here the bet ticket appears, you just need to find your favorite match and odds and click on the odds buttons you want to choose and the amount of money to participate in betting on the virtual match.

At this time, each game will take place very quickly, about 3 minutes and 30 seconds to place a bet. And now you just need to choose the appropriate betting method, such as: Over/Under, Handicap, Over/Under 1st half,… extremely simple and easy.

Step 5: Check

Before deciding to bet, please make sure all the betting information is complete, review carefully and then click the “Place bet” button.

Experience for new bettors when participating in virtual sports

As you know, Virtual Sports is created from available sports software. Therefore, you think that there will still be some risk when betting with the house. So to minimize that situation, please refer to the following virtual Sports betting experiences to be able to bet better:

Do not bet on too many matches in one round

Placing too many bets like that will make you confused and make it harder to control the situation when playing. So if new bettors want to play cross bets, it is best to only choose 2-3 bets. 

Give yourself time to rest

According to our research, when participating in virtual sports betting, it is easy to get caught up in the betting cycle because these matches do not take too much time. However, you also need time to rest before continuing to participate. Because continuously betting like that will cause you to have psychological problems when playing such as: betting continuously or betting all your money.

Learn carefully about the team’s information

For sports that are based on the parameters of outside players and clubs such as football, basketball or tennis, you should still learn clearly about your team before playing. Because if you bet on strong teams, they are still more likely to win than other teams. 

Don’t be too trusting

Virtual sports can bring you huge profits, but this is just a lucky bet. You need to be alert in analyzing odds and making the most accurate judgments in virtual games.


So it can be seen Virtual sports In the current betting market, it has been a leading trend. Besides, bookmaker New88 also offers this product, which is considered the most prestigious and high-quality in Vietnam, so what are you waiting for without participating in betting at the Virtual Sports hall right now? Finally, I hope you have great experiences and win huge prizes.

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