8 Epic Places to Visit in Punta Cana: Fun Activities and Tours

What is Punta Cana most famous for? Seeing some of the nicest beaches on the Coconut Coast and exploring hidden lagoons. Amongst lush trees are among the top activities to do in Punta Cana. The majority of the prominent attractions are in the Dominican Republic’s easternmost tip. The beachfront town has been within strolling distance.

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Places to Visit in Punta Cana:

1. Saona Island

Any traveller would be wise to visit Saona Island in the Dominican Republic. Beautiful, unspoiled beaches with white sand. And a gorgeous azure-colored ocean can be on the island. Aside from the natural beauty of the island. You may also have a great meal with an open bar, allowing you to loosen your hips and try some merengue dance. 

2. Horseback Riding

Riding a horse in Punta Cana is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As you ride your horse around beautiful sites like Uvero Alto Beach. The scenery is spectacular, with enough local flora and fauna. With the breeze in your locks and the one you love close by. You can trot, walk, or gallop your way through the beach and the Anamuya River as the sun sets. Either you’ve become a seasoned rider or a beginner. Taking a horse ride in the Dominican Republic is a lifetime memory.

    3. Big Marlin Charters

    Big Marlin Charters is a Punta Cana fishing and boat charter company. That caters to both expert and novice fishermen. They provide fascinating deep-sea fishing trips for people of all ages. And their crew is bilingual in English and Spanish.  Big Marlin Charters offers yachts for events and festivities as well as fishing. Each fishing charter is an experienced local captain, and everyone is a first mate.

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    4. Snorkeling

    Punta Cana has a variety of diving and snorkelling activities available. Ranging from renting your own equipment and exploring the reefs to guided tours. There are equipment rental firms that may provide everything from snorkel masks. And fins to underwater cameras for individuals who prefer to go out on their own. You may also free dive to spectacular coral reefs right off the coast. Scuba diving is best done with a guided trip. 

    5. Eco-Tourism Sites

    The Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve. A 1,500-acre open-air preserve with subtropical rainforest and lakes with freshwater. It serves as one of Punta Cana’s major ecological tourism locations. You may trek, discover the local ecology, and even swim in one of the area’s wonderful natural pools.

    6. Catamaran Tour

    We’ve all fantasized about owning a catamaran and living worry-free in the Caribbean. But boats are expensive to buy and maintain, so renting one is strongly advised. A catamaran excursion in Punta Cana is nothing short of enchanting. The trips make stops at the best snorkelling areas. Here you may swim around the most incredible coral reefs. Following that, enjoy the open bar and dance to the lively local music. And, of course, nothing beats a sunset from a boat. Get a mojito and enjoy the sunset.

    7. Nature Reserves

    Punta Cana is home to some of the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful nature reserves. The Scape Park Waterfall is a must-see attraction. This 75-foot-tall waterfall is a spectacular sight. And an excellent site to take photos and swim in the cold pools below. You can also visit the Laguna Limon in Los Haitises National Park for an extra dose of adventure. Kayaking, hiking, bird watching, and caving are a few of the activities available at the park. There are even caves containing ancient Taino carvings. You can visit all these places in a single day.

    8. Water Sports

    There are several water sports possibilities in Punta Cana. Among the most famous is kitesurfing. Because of its high winds and ideal conditions. The Dominican Republic’s southern coast is a popular destination. It is for windsurfers from all over the world. Most hotels offer out equipment, or you can hire a teacher if you want more formal instruction. 

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