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Common Signs that Termites Have Claimed Your Home

Termites can be an unseen force that invades your house. They hide in dark areas, behind walls, and in the basement. Once you notice their presence, it may already be too late. Termites are a hungry threat to your home. if you have fought with them before, you know the severity of the situation. Termites are invasive pests that will feast on your home’s wooden structures. To get rid of pests such as termites, professional intervention is necessary. Professionals can identify signs of infestations and address the issue right away. Below are common signs of termite infestations:

Discarded Wings

Although termites drop excrement, they also leave behind a pile of discarded wings. In their mating stage, termites take a nuptial flight. Once termites reach adulthood, they get wings that help them find a mating partner. After their nuptial flight, they will discard their wings. 

Termite wings fall in pairs but they are small and translucent. They can be found on the floor and windowsill. Finding wings and frass throughout your house should alert you about possible hideouts for termites. Tap near this area and you may hear a hollow sound if termites are inside.

Buckling Wooden Structures and Floors

Damaged wood floors will develop blistering. When the floor expands, many of such weak spots will buckle. The Subterranean termites are the common culprit for flooring damage. The surface of natural wood floors can become discolored and show wages that go across them due to internal harm. Keep in mind that termites love softer wood such as pie more than oak and other harder varieties. They can do damage over a period, so they can be left unnoticed until the floor begins to buckle. 

Termites in the Soil

Seeing live termites in the soil around your house indicates an infestation. Termites live in the soil outside. If you find them when you dig up in your flower garden, contact an exterminator as soon as possible. 

Dipping Ceilings

Termites are a serious threat to your home as they can cause structural damage, shaking the foundation. Because these pests can attack the support beams, such supports are expected to buckle eventually. If termites eat away at beams that hold the ceiling of your kitchen in place, the ceiling will buckle. A lot of people believe that such a problem is due to water leaks or other problems. However, termites can be to blame for this damage. When not given prompt attention, your ceiling can collapse. 

Strange Odors

The smell of mildew and mode indicates a damp area or a water leak in your house. But beyond the mold, the main problem is that termites can eat away at your home. When moisture gets into the wood, termites can easily feed on it. The smell of mold and mildew is difficult to identify, so it is best to investigate the strange smell in the basement or another area. 

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