Elevate Your Grocery App: 3 Secrets to MetroMart Clone Success

7 in 10 customers claim that online delivery is a significant part of their lives. As per GrabFood and MetroMart Clone customers are ordering online more frequently and spending more on every order they place. 

These statistics aren’t enough to convince you that the Philippines is a booming market for online grocery business. You should read what else was found in 2022’s food and grocery delivery trend report. 

Well, the report says that 1 in 3 users who prefer doorstep delivery of groceries and food are committed to a subscription plan.

Put simply, to launch an online grocery delivery app in the Philippines, specifically in Manila, the Pearl of the Orient, you have to develop a well-optimized app like MetroMart. 

Why is the MetroMart Clone? 

MetroMart is a popular online grocery and store delivery mobile application serving areas in Manila, Philippines. 

Users can register on the app and shop for fresh grocery items from their favorite supermarkets and stores near them. 

The platform provides the convenience of getting all the grocery items delivered to the doorstep within 2 hours of placing the order. Therefore, every user placing orders on the app can enjoy quick, same-day deliveries. 

These are the reasons why you should choose to build an app like MetroMart. 

Wide range of products 

By launching your grocery delivery app, you can provide your users with a wide variety of products to choose from. 

From farm-fresh vegetables to daily essentials, users can buy everything from their favorite store or supermarket. 

Therefore, without roaming around the store or stepping out of the room, users can shop for a variety of grocery items at their fingertips. 

Access to local stores and supermarkets 

For example, here are the general categories which users can find: 

  • Milk 
  • Beverages
  • Vegetables & Fruits
  • SeafoodCanned & Bottled Items
  • Cold Cuts 
  • Frozen Food 

Online payments 

The best thing about online grocery shopping apps is that they support various payment methods, including credit cards and in-app wallets. 

People in Manila are busy, really! The city is home to 109,035,343 people as per the 2020 census. 

Based on the 2012 statistics, 34% of the total business establishments in the Philippines are located in Metro Manila. 

In a bustling city like Manila, people are always thumbs up for quick payment methods. Thus, ensuring that the grocery delivery clone app should have multiple online payment methods along with the option for cash on delivery. 

These are the perks that your users will get, but what about you, the actual mind behind the app development and launch? Well, as an app owner, you get to enjoy the following benefits by launching a MetroMart Clone app. 

  • Quick time to market: investing in ready-made clone apps is the best way to skip the hassles of app development from scratch. Therefore, with the pre-built solution, you can quickly develop and launch the app. 
  • Affordable development cost: the cost of developing a ready-made app is far lower as compared to designing, coding, and testing apps built from scratch. Thus, even with a low budget, you can easily build a fully-functional app similar to MetroMart
  • Effortless business establishment: clone apps shorten your “To-Do” list by discussing requirements with developers and reviewing the app. 
  • Higher chances of success: clone apps are the replicated versions of well-known apps. Therefore, cloning an already successful app like MetroMart increases the chances of your business performing well in the market and making exceptional profits too. 

All your hard work in integrating the right features, designing a pretty UI/UX, developing revenue plans, etc. will be fruitful only if your app is well-optimized. 

Why Should You Optimize Your On-demand Grocery Delivery App? 

Need solid reasons why you should optimize your on-demand grocery delivery app before launching it in the Philippines? 

Well, here are some: 

Retain customers 

Optimization will help speed up your grocery shopping app. Be it an Android app or iOS, optimization is a  must for both platforms. 

Remember, a slower app will push away the users even before they place the order. Or, in case they order groceries, they won’t ever turn back to your app because it works slowly and annoys them. 

Higher conversions

Optimizing your grocery application will significantly increase your conversion rates. 

Optimize onboarding process 

The onboarding process is where you should put all the effort into creating an “Aha” moment for the customers. 

It should be simple and short, keeping the convenience of customers in mind. Some popular techniques that experts use to optimize the onboarding process include: 

  • Adding brief instructions. 
  • Introduction screens should be meaningful. 
  • Use animations to engage with people.

Add one CTA on every screen 

Simple screens with brief instructions and at least one CTA per screen are what help in optimizing the app. 

Use CTAs that scream for the user’s attention because if you fail to catch the eyes of the customers, all your efforts go in vain. 

Therefore to optimize your online grocery delivery app, place a unique call-to-action button on every app screen. Make sure it makes sense and is powerful enough to draw the user’s attention and drive them to take the action that you want them to take. 

Some powerful CTAs you can use are: 

“Turn on notifications” 

“Order groceries now” 

“Send a GiftCard” 

“Buy subscription now” 

“Get FREE delivery” 

Delivery route optimization algorithms

Using the latest algorithms that can optimize delivery routes is crucial. 

Integrating these algorithms is useful because it helps to improve efficiency and reduce the time it takes for the driver to deliver groceries to the user’s doorstep. 

Use mapping technologies to determine the best routes to reach from the grocery store to the user’s location. 

Well, these algorithms provide the best route to the delivery driver based on real-time factors like traffic, distance, road closures, etc.  

Along with improving the on-demand delivery efficiency, this optimization technique also helps to minimize fuel costs and enhance productivity.

Final Words: 

In the current digital world, developing a mobile app for your company is unquestionably essential. 

However, you have to go the extra mile to build an app that succeeds, leaving behind competitors. Well, the same goes for online grocery delivery apps as well. 

If you want to launch your on-demand grocery app in the Philippines, pour your heart into developing a MetroMart Clone application. 

Get the ready-made app, white-label it with everything you need, and you’re all set to start earning profits. 

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