Why is My Arlo Base Station Offline?

Who does not want a secure home? People prefer installing security cameras in order to enhance security of their homes. If you have an Arlo camera setup at your home, then we must say you have made the best choice. You can choose to connect your Arlo camera to the Arlo Base Station. Is the Arlo Base Station showing offline status? Well, we can help you. This post has the best solutions covered for this issue.

If the Base Station is offline then using the solutions provided in this post will assist you to get it back online. Let’s get started with our troubleshooting part.

How to Fix Arlo Base Station that is Offline?

If your Arlo Base Station or the Smart Hub is showing offline then you should try the fixes that have been provided ahead:

Reboot the Arlo Base Station

At times, temporary glitches can be the reason why the device is offline. All it needs is some rest. We suggest you power off your Base Station and let it sit idle for some time. Do not forget to remove the power cable from the outlet. You can wait for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of as long as you can. After that, power it on and see the status.

Check Internet Connection

What is the color of the Internet LED on the Arlo Base Station? If it shows solid amber or blinking amber, this means there is an issue with the internet connection. You should check the internet connection at your home. If the Base Station connects to the router’s WiFi, then ensure that it is placed within the range of the router. Bring in closer to the router is necessary and then see if it gets online.

Replace the Ethernet Cable

Have you connected the Arlo Base Station to the router using an Ethernet cable? Well, there is a possibility that the cable that you have used is not in good condition or it is loose. We suggest you use a new cable and insert it tightly into the respective ports on both devices. A firm connection between the router and the Base Station is mandatory for it to work properly.

Ensure Stable Electricity

Check the power cable and the power socket of the Base Station as well as the router. Both devices must be fully booted up and receive a consistent power supply. Use some other socket to plug the base station or router if the one that is in use is damaged. Base Station should appear online once the power supply issue is fixed.

Power Cycle the Router

Perhaps the issue is with the router. You should try to power cycle it once. This will help it get the devices get connected to its WiFi. Switch off the router and take out the power cable. Wait for some time and then switch it back on. Now try connecting it to the Base Station and see if it is online this time or not.

Reset Arlo Base Station

Resetting wipes out all the customized settings from the Base Station. If nothing helps you get it online then you should reset the Arlo Base Station. To reset it, use a paper clip or any other pointed object to press and hold the Reset hole. Release the button and the Base Station will be reset. Now you need to access the Arlo dashboard login page on a browser or use the Arlo app to complete the setup process.

Final Thoughts

This brings an end to our helpful post on how you can fix the Arlo Base Station that shows offline. Your Base Station should be online now and you can use your Arlo camera without any trouble.

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