European Handicap – Collection of Tips for Winning Unbeaten Bets and Always Winning Profits

European odds What is unique and always chosen by many people when participating in betting? If you want to make a profitable investment in this bet, what tips do players need to know? Let’s join today New88hg Let’s explore this potential bet in detail. 

Overview of European odds in online betting

European odds are also known by many betting players as 1×2 odds. In football, this is also an extremely popular form of betting and often appears in many matches. 

Compared to handicap betting, European handicap has an easier way to play and calculate wins and losses. Here, participants do not need to worry about the handicap listed by the system. Instead, just evaluate the strength of the two teams and then bet on what the final result will be? 

Corresponding to each outcome of win, loss and draw, the bookies will give players different odds. If the player’s prediction is correct with the match outcome, you will win the bet and receive a reward. 

For European bets, the determination of win or loss will only be calculated during the official kick time + overtime. And if the match goes to extra time and shoot penalty then a new bet will be proposed. 

Learn common terms when betting on European odds

Before diving deeper into the experience of accurate European betting. Players need to understand some terms that often appear when betting with this bet:

  • Home team: Also known as the home team. On the betting board, the home team’s name will be given priority at the top and is usually colored red.
  • Draw: In soccer betting, this is the term that refers to the draw outcome of the match. On the odds table, the odds for this bet will be placed in the middle if it is horizontal. If set up in a vertical row, the Draw door will be in the third line.
  • Away team: Term for the away team, usually appears on the 2nd line if calculated vertically and is highlighted in black/blue.
  • FT 1×2: This is the abbreviation for European handicap betting for the whole match.
  • 1H 1×2: In the odds table, this is the term that refers to the player participating in European betting in the first round. Note that in this case the results are only calculated for 45 minutes and overtime if any.

Revealing the most accurate way to read European odds for new players

Many players, when they first learn about this bet, often wonder how to read it correctly. Understanding this, we have compiled the following information for everyone’s reference:

How to read European odds easily for new players

When participating in European betting, people will be given 3 options to bet, including: 

  • 1: Indicates that the final victory belongs to the home team.
  • X: This bet is understood as the player predicting a draw between the two teams.
  • 2: Paying for this bet means you think the away team will win.

In theory, no matter which bet you bet on, your chance of winning is 33.3%. In football, this is a relatively high number and relatively attractive for those who are just starting to bet. However, if you want to ensure European betting is always profitable, you need to know how to bet.
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European odds and typical illustrative examples

To help players better understand how to read 1×2 odds? The following will be a typical example for your reference:  

The match taking place between the two clubs Arsenal vs Fulham has listed odds of Win (1.25), Loss (0.25) and Draw (6.2). Here the home team will be Arsenal and Fulham will play as the away team. After an overall assessment, the bookmakers consider Arsenal to be the favorite team and have a higher chance of winning.

  • In case the player bets 100K for Arsenal to win and the match outcome is correct. Then you will receive 100 x 1.25 = 125K bonus.
  • If the player correctly predicts that the match will end in a draw, the prize will be 100 x 6.2 = 620K.
  • If you correctly predict Arsenal losing the match, the prize money will be 100 x 0.25 = 25K.
  • In all cases where players lose bets, they will lose 100K of their initial capital.

How to bet on European odds to always be profitable?

You want to quickly become a professional soccer betting player. At the same time, you can bring in a huge amount of profit when betting on European odds. Then take a look and apply the following betting tips from experts:

  • Normally, bets that are highly valued by the house will have a lower chance of winning.
  • Football matches in friendly tournaments or just for fun often end in a draw.
  • In matches that are in the Play-offs round or are important in nature, draws will rarely happen. At this time, everyone needs to base their bets on the strength of each side. 
  • If the two teams participating in the competition are chasing each other on the rankings and are considered equal. If the underdog team is enjoying home field advantage, you should bet on this team. 
  • During the match, both handicap and over/under constantly fluctuate. At this time, the safest option that you should consider is betting on a Draw for the 1×2 bet. 

Betting with European odds is an experience that needs to be memorized

When betting in Europe, what experiences do players need to know to reduce the risk of losses and optimize profits? We invite you to immediately look at the experiences below and draw important content for yourself:

Do not bet on 1×2 all-in bets

Many new players often have the habit of putting all their money into one bet in the hope of receiving big profits. However, this is an extremely wrong mindset that causes you to often lose everything.

Lesson learned for those who are just starting to play betting is to divide the betting capital into many parts. Then give priority to strong teams and don’t forget to continuously update the odds table to have the most accurate decision.

You should not bet on European bets in the first round

Experience from the experts shows that people should limit European bets in the first half. Because during this time, teams still play tentatively and have not shown all their strategies. Therefore, the advice for new players is to place bets for the whole match to ensure safe arrival.

Analyze the winning and losing cycle to bet on European odds 

For those new to betting, this can be a quite new experience. However, in reality, this method of fighting has been applied and succeeded by many veteran players.

With this method, everyone only needs to summarize the results of 5 consecutive rounds of the tournament. Then find out the win-loss cycle of the teams and apply it to predictions for the next appearances. This experience will definitely help you increase your winning rate very effectively.


Above is all the important news you need to know when participating in betting with European handicaps. Hopefully these shares will help players bet confidently and be sure of winning. Don’t hesitate to inbox GAMEBET immediately if you still have questions about this topic.

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