How to Find Accommodation in the USA for Indian Students?

The USA has always been a favorite nation for studying for Indian students. Indian students make up a big percentage of international students in the USA. Many Indian employers also prefer candidates who have acquired education from a US university.

After getting enrolled in a US university, the major requirement of Indian students happens to be accommodation. It is considered a good idea to book student accommodation in the USA a few months before the beginning of the session. It is very easy nowadays to find accommodation in any city in the United States of America through online platforms.

There are some online student accommodation service platforms, which provide you the lists of accommodation properties available for students in different cities in the world. “University Living” is one of the best instances of such platforms. This platform is perfectly suitable for the needs of Indian students.

Here is the method that you can use to find accommodation in any city of the USA on the website of the University Living and many other such platforms.

Set Your Budget First

Before visiting University Living’s website, you are first required to set your budget so that you could filter the list within the specific price ranges. It will also help you in saving your time of visiting the webpage of every property.

Set Your Preferences

Apart from the budget, you are also required to set your preferences. In the preferences, you can think about the amenities that you want in a property. Today, several amenities are offered to students in accommodation properties in the USA, such as study tables & chairs, study rooms, cinemas, games rooms, swimming pools, smart TVs, dining features, and many more.

In addition, you can also think about how far you want student accommodation from your university/college. Today, many accommodation properties can be found within a few minutes of walking distance, sometimes within less than 10 minutes’ walking distance of universities and colleges.

Enter the City’s Name in the Search Box on University Living’s Website

On every page of University Living, you find a search box where you need to enter the city’s name to get the list of properties. For instance, if you need Off-campus student housing Charlotte then you are required to enter “Charlotte” in the search box. When you do this, properties available in Charlotte will appear in front of you.

Filter the List with the “Filter” Feature

There is a special “filter” feature available on University Living’s website through which you can filter the list according to your preferences. Through this filter feature, you can set your preferences for price ranges, stay durations, amenities, shared or unshared bathrooms, and more.

This feature also allows you the sort the list according to prices in ascending or descending order, best offers, etc.

Read the Details of Accommodation Properties

You can read the details of accommodation properties on their dedicated pages on the websites of the platforms. You can read about their prices, amenities, stay durations, distances from universities, and more on these websites.

For this purpose, you are required to click on the name or the image of the property on the website. For instance, if you want to see the details of Boulevard 98 Charlotte, you need to click “Boulevard 98” or the image of this property given on the page of Charlotte. After this, the page of the property will open in another tab of the browser you are using.

Use the Comparison Feature to Find the Right Property as Per Your Budget and Preferences

On University Living’s website, you find a special feature, which is the “comparison” feature. This feature allows you to select multiple properties in a city and compare them on a single webpage. You can compare the distance (from universities), prices, amenities, and some other aspects in the tabular format.

You can compare the properties in one city with each other. It means that you can compare multiple properties in New York with each other and similarly the multiple properties in Washington with each other but cannot do the comparison between the properties in New York and Washington through this feature. Besides, four properties can be compared at once. To compare more properties, you need to follow the process multiple times.

Ask Your Queries from the Accommodation Owner or Website’s Executive

On the University Living’s website, you find the options to send your queries to accommodation owners. Besides, you can also use the live chat option and talk to a website’s executives.

Book Accommodation Directly on the Website

You can start the process of booking accommodation directly on the website.


Apart from the website of University Living, Indian students can also use its mobile app. You can find most of the options available on the website on the mobile app also.

So, it has become very easy nowadays to find student accommodation charlotte in the USA. You can do this in just a few mouse clicks and keyboard hits on the website of University Living and many such platforms. Besides, you can find and book accommodation while you are on the move through the mobile app of University Living.

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