Nighthawk App Not Working? What Should I Do?

So, your Nighthawk app is not working? Yes? Then, this article can help you. Here, we have provided the reasons causing the Nighthawk app not working issue along with the troubleshooting tips to get it fixed in an instant. Let’s get started!

Why the Nighthawk App is Not Working?

The reasons causing the issue in the discussion are outlined underneath:

  • The Nighthawk app is outdated
  • Your client device (iphone, ipad, Android device) is not connected to the extender’s WiFi while accessing the app
  • No connection between your WiFi extender and your host router
  • Poor or no internet connection also leads to the Nighthawk app not working issue
  • The software version on your client device has become outdated due to which the Nighthawk app is not working in a proper manner
  • No space on the client device will also give you issues while accessing the Nighthawk app
  • Last, but not least, technical glitches have prevented a thousand users to access the app in a hassle-free manner

These were the common reasons that have stopped the Nighthawk app from working for you. Let’s dig a little deeper and know how to make the app work for you while just relaxing on your couch. Keep reading!

Fix Nighthawk App Not Working Issue

Restart Your Nighthawk Extender

Technical glitches – this is the issue that has annoyed many users across the globe. Due to glitches, users are facing issues while accessing the Nighthawk app. To get rid of it, the power cycling or restarting process is suggested.

Thus, to power cycle or restart the extender, here are the instructions that you can apply:

  • First, you need to power off the WiFi extender and then disconnect it from your router and client device (if connected).
  • Keep your WiFi extender off for 5-10 minutes and then, you can turn it on again.
  • After turning on the extender, the LEDs will start blinking green.
  • Reconnect the extender to your router and your client device (smartphone).
  • Now, try accessing the Nighthawk app again to see if works for you or not.

Update the Nighthawk App

If the above-mentioned fix doesn’t help you out, then try updating the Nighthawk app. It seems like the app’s version has become outdated due to which it is not working for you. So, try updating the app to see if this particular fix helps you troubleshoot the issue.

Connect Your Client Device to Extender

What happened? Updating the app doesn’t help you either. If yes, then it seems like you have not connected your smartphone to the extender’s WiFi. So, without much delay, connect the devices right away and try accessing the Nighthawk app again.

Still No Luck?

If the things are still not in your hand, it means that there is no connection between your WiFi range extender and router. Yes, that’s correct! Bear in mind, no connection between them will not allow you to access the Nighthawk app. Hence, grab an Ethernet cable and using it, connect your devices firmly.

It’s ok if you don’t want to wire them. Just use a wireless source right away for connecting them. But, the thing is, you have to place them pretty close.

Check Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is poor, then also it will give you issues while accessing the Nighthawk app. So, check your internet connection right away and see if it helps you make the Nighthawk app work for you.

Update the Client Device

The Nighthawk app might not work if the device you are using has an outdated version of software installed on it. So, update the software of your device right away and see if helps the Nighthawk app to work for you.

In the event, the software of your device is already up-to-date, then make some space in it by clearing some unwanted data, media, and files. Once you are done doing this, restart the device and try accessing the Nighthawk app again.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Nighthawk App

None of the above-mentioned fixes help you troubleshoot the issue, then we suggest you uninstall the app, restart your client device again, and then, reinstall the correct version of the Nighthawk app again.

We hope that the Nighthawk app is now working for you. If yes, using the instructions provided on it, take the plunge to set it up or update its firmware.

If you want to perform Netgear Nighthawk setup without app, then you can either use the manual or the WPS method to get the job done.

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