Technology Not Working- What to Do?

Nighthawk router provides us a reliable network so that we can stream videos, play online games and scroll social media. But some users face a unique issue while accessing the Nighthawk login page. They cannot able to log in to the WiFi router. Don’t worry we will help you to get it done. In this article, you will go through some of the troubleshooting tips which will help you to complete the login process. Also, you learn how you can access the router with login IP address.

What You can Do to Access the Nighthawk Router?

You have to ensure everything is correct from spot of the router to hardware connections. Let’s walk through some of the reasons and their solutions to the problem.

Router’s spot in the House

Placing the WiFi router so far away from the router and close to the electronic things can cause the issue. Put router near to the heavy concrete wall and metal things also cause the problem.


You have to choose a spot which is close to the modem so you can connect the router to the modem easily. Also avoid places such as near to the electronic things, heavy concrete walls and metal things.

Power to the Router

Plugging the power cord of the router in to the damaged power socket will also be a reason to the problem.


 Always check the power socket where you want to supply power to the router. If it is damaged then change the switch port or call an electrician to fix it.

Connection with the Modem

Connection problems can occur from the modem. Connecting Ethernet cables to the wrong ports can cause the problem.


You have to be ensure the network wire is connected to the correct ports. Be sure you connect one end of the cable to WAN port of the router and connect other end to the LAN port of the modem. 

Outdated Web browser and Junk Files

Using outdated internet browser and not clearing the junk files from it can also be a reason to the problem.


Always use up-to-date web browser. Also clear all the junk files such as cache and cookies from the browser you are using.

What are Other Ways You can Fix the Issue?

Rebooting the Nighthawk Router

If you are not able to reach using the and Nighthawk app, you can reboot the router. To restart the router you just have to pull out the plug of the router’s power cord from the socket. Then, plug in again into the switch port. It will restart your router. You can also reboot the router by pressing the power On/Off button given on the WiFi router.

Resetting the WiFi Router

If nothing works from the above written troubleshooting tips, then you can factory reset the Netgear Nighthawk router. To reset it you have to follow some simple steps written down here.

  1. You have to locate the reset button given back of the WiFi router.
  2. Press the button ten to fifteen seconds and then release it.
  3. It will start the resetting process. It will turn on itself after some time.  

If you are resetting the WiFi router, you have to be careful because all the previous files and data will be deleted and you have to start from the start.

How to login Via IP Address?

You can also access the interface of the WiFi router using To login, you have to just follow some straight forward steps.

  • You have to connect the computer to the WiFi router using Ethernet wire.
  • Then open the internet browser and search by writing it in the address bar of the browser.
  • It will take you to the login page of the router. Here, you will be asked to enter the default user details. You can use the user manual of the WiFi router.
  • After filling the details, hit the Enter key. Now, you will reach at the main dashboard of the interface of the Nighthawk router.

Here, you can manage the setting and network of the Netgear Nighthawk WiFi router.

The Last Words

In this article, you’ve explored how you can fix the problem such as login URL not working.Also, you have learned a different method to log in to the router via We hope all the troubleshooting tips helped you to get rid of the problem.

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