A Deatiled Description About Investment Banking Courses

The Investment Banking Course assesses a student’s potential to create an efficient and systematic framework to assess the value of privately owned and publicly traded companies during M&A deals, LBOs, IPOs, restructurings, and other financial decisions. Most researchers, both new and old-fashioned, believe that investing is a matter of mathematics, data, theories, and research. The IB certificate test covers an array of knowledge in wealth management, including these subjects.

Investment Banking Course’s Eligibility Criteria

Interested candidates must have completed 10+2 at a recognized board in order to be approved for the investment banking certification course . To be an Investment Banker professional in India, one is required to enrol in a particular program or course and gain excellent knowledge of financial assets. The area of Investment Banking is highly competitive, and having completed an accredited program in the field does make a person a great candidate for the job.

1. Private Equity and Venture Capital

This course is divided into five weeks and is divided into four different subjects: Introduction to venture and private equity capital, tax and legal concerns in private equity, the way the private equity funds and venture capital ones are governed, and lastly, the valuation of companies and the process of making deals.

Each module will build on the knowledge acquired during the previous modules. The course ends by taking a test. The success of this can lead to a certification – not a formal qualification; however, it is endorsed through one of the world’s top financial institutions.

2. Advanced Evaluation and Strategy – M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital

The course that Udemy offers is more than an hour long. It does not award any certificates at the conclusion and does not feature any Ivy League professors giving video tutorials. It does, however, clarify what exactly should be included in a pitch book, and the ability to make one can significantly improve the chances of any candidate seeking a job with mergers and Acquisitions.

3. Investment Management Specialization [Coursera]

This is a five-course course that will give you an understanding of various investing strategies and learn how they are developed to meet financial goals on a global scale. You will acquire both practical and theoretical understanding through this course.

You will learn:

  • · The management and creation of a portfolio of investments for clients
  • · Understanding global markets
  • · Making investment plans to meet long-term goals for investors

The course begins with an understanding of the world’s markets. Then, you will be able to build an investment portfolio that is owned by you as well as your clients. Each decision you make in the market will be based upon future trends, and you will be taught how to study to make the best decisions.

4. Value and Investment with AlisonValuation and Investing [Alison]

An Introduction to Value and Investing is another free online course that teaches you the basic ideas of valuation and investment. In order to get an understanding of these concepts, you will have first read through the balance and income sheets.

Then, you will be taught the distinction between excellent and undesirable stocks. In addition, you will be exposed to various indicators like EBITDA and EBIT to assess the risk of any investment.

You will learn:

  •  Fundamental concepts of investment and valuation
  • · The art of identifying good and bad stocks
  • · Examining the risk of investing by using indicators such as EBIT and EBITDA
  • · Analyzing the elements of the balance sheet·

The course is based on simple methods and examples to present the most important concepts more effectively.

5. M&A Science Academy

The M&A Science Academy provides students with instruction about the fundamentals of working in M&A. It covers all aspects of maximizing an asset’s value to a company prior to the sale, modelling synergies, negotiating terms sheets, and selecting the most suitable company development staff.

Through the lessons of industry professionals, students will learn by observing real-world examples. There are numerous networking opportunities, as well as an extensive collection of resources for students to peruse to refresh their skills.

6. The Investment Banker [Financial Edge]

You can obtain an official Wall Street certificate and improve your resume. This course called the Investment Banker, is a complete online course that comprises four different courses as well as answers to the most popular questions in an interview for investment banking. Therefore, you can count on you to be fully prepared when you finish this course.

The four different courses are the following: The accountant, The Modeler, The Valuer, and The deal maker. Thus, you will start with the fundamentals of an investment banking career and use accounting techniques to understand how to create an offer. You could even post your experience and qualifications on LinkedIn to increase your exposure.

You will learn:

  • · Financial modelling, accounting valuation, LBO, M&A analysis.
  • · The right knowledge to pass the top investment bank interviews
  • · Knowing the right time to go for mergers or acquisitions and much more.

After you have accumulated the required knowledge through classes that you have taken, you will need to build certain abilities that will aid you in obtaining a dream position as a banker in the investment sector.

Certain abilities are taught to you during the course itself; however, certain skills must be learned on your own. If you want to grow in your profession as an investment banking professional in a complete manner, it is essential to acquire certain abilities.


It is best to start your investment banking career by completing a training course and getting a certification. This will give you the necessary boost to get the ideal work as an Investment Banker at top companies.

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