Marble Countertops In London: A Timeless Choice For Elegant Kitchens

Picking the right marble countertop to fit your kitchen can be challenging because there’s much to consider. These kitchen worktops are made of various materials and have varying finishes and veining patterns. They are the centre of attraction for your kitchen, and when picking, it’s vital to consider the design, theme and aesthetics. Here are things you need to consider to get one to suit your kitchen.

Marble veining

Quarries have different stones that come with varying veining patterns. The vein pattern of marble worktops may vary depending on the stone type and quarry. It’s also possible to cut various marble blocks in varying ways to achieve different veining patterns offering you a unique pattern. You can accomplish a Carrara marble london with an open floral pattern by making a Fleuri cut or cross cut. This type of cut brings out a design that looks reasonably random. Additionally, you can use Striati slices or vein cuts to cut your marble stone to bring out a linear and striped appearance.

Marble types

Many people installing marbles in their spaces go for the creamy white and polished marble stone. But these are some of the stones available, but there are many varieties. You can get different marble types from red, black, gold, taupe or green. All these are suitable for kitchen worktops, but the cream is best as it doesn’t get serious etching marks. If etching marks appear on such a surface, it’s hardly noticeable compared to the red, green or taupe marble.

Worktop edge considerations

These worktops have varying edge profiles which you can pick when purchasing the countertop slabs. The most recommended by experts are the dull, eased edges that eliminate the sharpness of the slabs’ straight corners. The design of the corners makes it hard for the brittle pieces to chip. These worktops are durable, water-resistant and heat-resistant. They will provide your worktop and island surfaces with exceptional beauty. They do not fade, nor do they get stained easily. If the appearance fades, you can sand it down and polish it. Marble worktops age, but they always retain their appeal because you can sand and clean them.

Marble slab selection

Stone slabs have slight differences, but you have to pick pieces that can be used and fit your worktop area. Selecting and installing marble countertops in London is an art that requires you to understand the location of the veining. It will help you place your slab in an artful appealing manner. It’s also vital to consider how varying marble pieces will come together. Huge marble pieces with no seams are ideal, but if they have seams, it’s crucial to match them. Doing this will help you get your adjacent marble pieces to have a mirrored appearance. You can also try the Miami white quartz, the glossy polished look.


Marble is porous, making it softer than quartzite or granite. This means it’s prone to itching and scratching. Today, sealants have advanced in technology, so the possibility of marble staining is lower than before. If something spills on the top and you cannot clean it on the spot, the top staining is not a huge problem. Therefore, this makes marble ideal for your timeless kitchen countertop, even if extra care is required. Sealants have made things easy as they help protect these tops against staining. Good care and maintenance will keep your countertop appealing and last many generations.

Most people buying homes consider the kitchen style the most essential. One of the things that defines your kitchen is the style of the marble counter tops. So, when choosing an ideal for your needs, make the considerations listed when buying a home or remodelling your kitchen.

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