Problems With Rolls-Royce Cars: An In-depth Look

Rolls-Royce vehicles are renowned for their impressive luxury and advanced technology, but they are not exempt from certain issues. While these problems can be addressed with proper attention and care, it’s important to be aware of them. In this article, we will discuss the four most common problems with Rolls-Royce cars, their causes, and the symptoms to watch out for.

1. Reduced Brake Light Visibility

Dim brake lights may not seem like a major issue at first, but they can potentially lead to life-threatening accidents on highways. When the brake lights are dim, it becomes difficult for drivers behind to determine if the car has stopped or not, especially at night when visibility is reduced. This lack of clarity can result in dangerous collisions.

It is expected that a car of Rolls-Royce’s caliber, with a price tag of over $350,000, would be free of such hazardous problems. However, dim brake lights not only pose a safety risk but also violate federal safety standards. While this problem is mainly associated with the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, it does not affect a significant number of model years.

Symptoms and Causes

Over 400 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinans were recalled due to dim brake lights. The primary symptom to look out for is the problem itself – dimmed brake lights. After the recall, the issue was rectified with a software update, indicating that a software problem was the cause of the dimmed lights in the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

2. Improper Airbag Positioning During Deployment

Airbags are crucial for protecting car occupants from fatal injuries, making any airbag-related problem a serious concern. Several car models, including certain Rolls-Royce models, have been recalled due to assembly issues with the airbags. The Phantom, for example, experienced problems with the positioning of the curtain bags during deployment.

While the airbags may still deploy in a crash, they are more likely to deploy incorrectly due to the assembly issues. Improperly positioned airbags can directly cause injuries to passengers. While it is ideal to have functioning airbags, it is preferable for them not to deploy rather than deploying at a dangerous angle.


The primary cause of incorrect airbag positioning and deployment is a manufacturing error. It is recommended to have the manufacturers address the issue to avoid further damage to the airbag system.

3. Footage From the Rear-View Camera May Not Be Visible

Rear-view cameras have become a popular feature in modern cars, enhancing safety during reversing and parking. However, over 440 Rolls-Royce Phantoms have been recalled due to problems with the rear-view camera. In some cases, the footage from the camera may not be visible to the driver under certain conditions.

According to safety regulations, a car must display the scene behind it whenever it is in reverse. A car without a functioning rear-view camera violates these regulations. It is important to ensure that all legally required components of a vehicle are not only present but also functioning properly.

Symptoms and Causes

Symptoms of this problem may include blurry images or a complete failure of the backup camera. The cause of this issue lies with the software installation, specifically affecting the Central Information Display (CID) system. A software update can rectify the problem by restoring the correct functionality of the rear-view camera.

4. Faulty Ignition Coil

The ignition coil, also known as the spark coil, plays a vital role in a vehicle’s ignition system. A faulty ignition coil can lead to more expensive and complex problems, potentially damaging the catalytic converter or engine. It is important to replace a bad ignition coil promptly to avoid further issues.

Certain Rolls-Royce models, including the Wraith, Cullinan, Ghost, and Phantom, have been reported to experience problems with the ignition coil. Symptoms of a faulty ignition coil can include engine hesitation during acceleration, power loss, misfiring engine, and difficulties starting the engine.

Symptoms and Causes

In addition to engine hesitation and power loss, other symptoms of a faulty ignition coil may include reduced fuel economy, vibrating and jerking of the car, and delayed start. The primary cause of this issue is a malfunctioning ignition coil, which can be addressed by replacing the faulty component.

General Pros and Cons of Rolls-Royce Vehicles

Rolls-Royce cars are widely admired for their well-built and well-designed interiors, high ride quality and performance, extreme luxury, and overall reliability. However, it is important to consider both the positive and negative aspects of owning a Rolls-Royce.


• Well-built and well-designed interior
• High ride quality and performance
• Extreme luxury
• Admirable reliability
• Dependable engine


• High purchase and maintenance costs
• Reduced brake light visibility
• Improper airbag positioning during deployment
• Faulty ignition coil
• Footage from the rear-view camera may not be visible

Final Thoughts

Rolls-Royce cars are synonymous with luxury and excellence, captivating enthusiasts with their impressive features and craftsmanship. Despite the reported problems, Rolls-Royce has maintained a reputation for reliability and quality. While certain models may have specific issues, overall, Rolls-Royce vehicles offer an exceptional driving experience.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons, considering factors such as high purchase and maintenance costs, potential problems with brake light visibility, airbag positioning, and ignition coils. Additionally, the resale value of Rolls-Royces is generally favorable, but it’s crucial to factor in the initial investment and ongoing maintenance expenses.

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In summary, if you value quality, luxury, and craftsmanship, owning a Rolls-Royce can be a rewarding experience. Conduct thorough research, consider your budget, and make an informed decision based on your preferences and priorities.

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